Cloud Expense Sample - July 2010

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Release Notes

Thank You for downloading Layered Architecture Sample. Please help spread the news about this project :) It is important that you read the accompanying README.txt file for setup and installation instructions.

This is the beta release of the Expense sample application V4.0 for the Windows Azure platform. This version is only supported on Visual Studio 2010. It contains 3 projects in additional to the Expense Sample projects.

  • ExpenseSample.Cloud.Service - Main cloud service project
  • WCFWebHost - WCF Web Role project to host the back-end web services.
  • WebRole - contains the ASP.NET application of the sample.

Expense Sample 4.0 projects

Presentation Layer
  • ExpenseSample.UI.Win.Expense - A Windows Forms client for expense submission.
  • ExpenseSample.UI.Win.Approver - A Windows Forms client for approving expense.
  • ExpenseSample.UI.Process - Contains user process components.
  • ExpenseSample.UI.WPF - A WPF client for expense submission.

Business Layer
  • ExpenseSample.Business.Components - Contains Business logic classes.
  • ExpenseSample.Business.Entities - Contains entity classes that are used in the application.
  • ExpenseSample.Business.Workflows - Contains the Sequential Expense Workflow class.
  • ExpenseSample.Business.Workflows.Activities - Contains custom workflow activities.

Services Layer
  • ExpenseSample.Service.Contracts - Contains WCF Service Contracts.
  • ExpenseSample.Services - Contains WCF service implementation (non WorkflowService).

Data Layer
  • ExpenseSample.Data - Contains components that performs CRUD functions.

  • Layer Diagram - Layer diagram of the sample.

As this is the first release of the sample, please report any inconsistencies in the readme or any issues to Issue Tracker

Please feel free to feedback on this release in Discussions

Additional information on Application Architecture for .NET, can be found in the Microsoft patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide 2nd Edition

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